#afkLinkoping16: ”Dessert” Dan Reed!

Dan Reed, född och uppväxt i Portland USA, idag boende och verksam i Prag, är ”dessert” under #afkLinkoping16. Med erfarenhet från de stora konsertarenorna i världen, och de svettiga rockklubbarna runt om vår planet, kommer vi att ta del ”gamla hits” och nyproducerade låtar, inramat av Dan Reeds livsresa och äventyr. Smedjan utlovar berättelser om bland annat indiska munkar, en avgörande Greatful Dead-konsert och ett lärande som innehållit såväl djupa dalar som höga toppar. 

Hi, Mr Dan Reed! You are the ”dessert” at the conference #afkLinkoping16. What will you treat us to? 

I will be sharing songs composed in India, Israel, Sweden and more… and the stories behind the inspiration and motivation for these songs intentions and lyrics, as well as a few Dan Reed Network classic tracks!

The theme of the conference is ”Inclusion and Motivation”. What do these words mean to you?

dan-1My personal belief is the human race is much stronger when we involve all points of view and perceptions before shaping so call solutions, whether be in the arts, business, any vocation… so for myself ‘inclusion’ means practicing the art of listening with one’s heart to all ideas and finding the best solution to the issues that face us all in the future. ‘motivation’ put simply is the driving force that gives us the energy and determination not only to dream big, but to make those dreams become a resonating reality.

You were born and brought up in the US. Tell us a memory from school!

I was raised primarily in the countryside of South Dakota. My mother was a counsellor on a Native American Reservation and my father was a 3rd generation farmer and cattle rancher. My fondest memories of going to school in a tight knit farm community was school always felt like we were one big family. We collectively shared many joys and also too many tragedies. Everyone knew each other, help each other out on different farms when more hands were needed, and the school was small enough where you could participate in any activity and if you worked hard you could excel and not be left behind which can often happen in bigger schools with hundreds of students per grade.

Teachers, principals and other school staff will be attending #afkLinkoping16. You are a rockstar. Are there any similarities between your job and ours? 

dan-2I do believe there are similarities, although I would always say that the importance of an educator and the infrastructure that supports them is one of the most integral and challenging jobs in the world, compared to a performing artist’s job, who can be quite influential through their art, but is much easier to navigate as a career path. As the years go by and after becoming a father a few years back, I certainly feel a deeper responsibility to try and share insights learned along the way, whether that sharing is from stage or expressed in song, one can hope the stories will be of some inspiration.

Teachers and their colleagues are the ones shaping whole generations of minds who will be directly in charge of shaping our businesses, arts, sports, lifestyles: those who are caretakers of the environment, and indeed our very cultures. I put educators up there with doctors and scientists, whereas most musicians can only hope to reach that high, and only a few attain.

We’re looking forward to listening to your music and hearing you tell us about your journey through life and what you´ve learned on that journey. Welcome to #afkLinkoping16, Dan!

I am thrilled and honoured to be invited to perform and share some thoughts, music, laughter and inspiring times with you all and am so very much looking forward to seeing everyone soon! Thank you for having myself and the music to your event.

Skolsmedjan hälsar Dan Reed varmt välkommen till #afkLinkoping16 och ser fram emot en smakfull ”dessert” med internationella toner och globala inslag.

Via sajber och med lärande organisation för ögonen,

Viktoria Struxsjö

Tack till fotoevalena.se för lån av bilder!



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